I already commented on this article on the Alert Facebook, but just to cover all bases, I’ll say again: this historically accurate article is a very important contribution to Elberta’s meaningful history. Mr. Bolander is areal asset to the community.

The Elberta Alert

By Andy Bolander

A proposal has recently been presented to the Village Council to honor John and Caroline Greenwood’s contributions to the development of Elberta. The proposal includes the installation of a sign under each of the village limits signs stating: “First Settlers John and Caroline Greenwood 1855.” A second part of the proposal changes the name of Furnace Avenue to Greenwood Parkway.

John and Caroline Greenwood contributed greatly to the development of Gilmore Township. John was a blacksmith and operated shops in both Frankfort and Elberta. He also carried the mail from Manistee to Frankfort when the trail was less than developed. John and Caroline built a house at what is now the southwest corner of Furnace Ave and Sherman St., which was commonly referred to as the Cedar Log House.

An informal school was held at the Cedar Log House from 1855 to 1860. John and Caroline moved…

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I have lost the blog I put in the other day – it had a picture too!   Maybe when we get settled TOMORROW!  I can recreate it or find it.  We basically stuck to Route 66 all the way from Litchfield. It is very nostalgic and corny at the same time.  Interesting landscape  – even the flat.  I’ll write more soon!